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The mission: to make learning fun and exciting for everyone. School should be a place that children look forward to and that is the job of their teacher.

Emphasising a 'Positive Reading Culture' for children!

A hot topic in education is the importance of reading for pleasure. As a teacher, it's important to inspire children into wanting to learn to read as this life-long skill will open most doors in life as well as allowing them to harness onto their own imagination.

Reading for Pleasure and its Significance

Reading for pleasure is defined as reading for the purpose of enjoyment; this is not restricted to print but also online texts and genres (blogs, social media, e-books, etc). It's proven to promote academic success in the future as well as development more broadly.
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I've put together a list of valuable online resources perfect for all teachers, trainees and beyond. The resources are organised according to subject area within the National Curriculum. This is an ongoing list that is constantly being added to. Feel free to email me any further resources that you feel should be recorded on the list!

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