How ICT/Computing Can Make Mathematics Fun For Children

ICT, or computing, is something that teachers often seem scared to use with their class; however, Computing in Maths can enable the subject to be more fun, engaging and accessible for those who struggle with it otherwise.

Mathematics has many associations and links to computing skills, including programming, computer controls, and systems. Similarly, as with computing, Maths is about a journey of discovery rather than merely teaching and absorbing information. It should encourage children to find the answers for themselves, research and investigate the world of numbers.

ICT in Maths as a way to liven up and increase a desire for learning…

As discussed in an Article written by The Guardian, Computing in Maths is a way to liven up the content and increase accessibility and/or motivation in all children involved.

You might be asking yourself, how do I include ICT in Maths when teaching the seemingly restricted curriculum?

There are many online game websites that are useful and appropriate Mathematics resources. Most importantly, these can take the ‘bore’ out of Maths and make the subject more accessible to all. However, it’s worthwhile for integrating the subject into the 21st Century where technology is the driving force. Websites that I would recommend are:

Computing in Maths doesn’t need to be difficult, although it can enhance the children’s learning and engagement. However, it’s a way of building ICT or computing into the curriculum offered without making it a chore.

Would you be willing to give this a go? Alternatively, do you have any websites that you recommend for developing computer literacy and learning in Maths?

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