Why Self-Care Is Important For Teachers

Self-Care for teachers routines are important; however, it’s easy to claim that you are too busy or don’t have time to address these personal needs. Put simply, self-care is about learning about the small things in life and what it takes to look after yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

Once routines are established and you’ve dealt with embracing your own problems, learning to love and take care of your own body and mind becomes a whole lot easier.

Taking time out can seem impossible as a teacher who works around the clock. However, these routines, habits and activities need not be elaborate, time-consuming or expensive.

Protecting your mental health as a teacher…

There is a lot of discussions out there regarding the wellbeing of the people who teach the children of the future. Arguably, there is not enough done to protect the mental health of us teachers. This responsibility is left in our own hands. Looking after yourself is the first step towards ensuring the well-being of the children of whom you teach.

Self-care for teachers should feel like a selfish task as let’s face it, you dedicate your life to helping and educating others.

It’s not self-indulging but instead working out a work-life balance. Self-care routines are about establishing this balance and working towards achieving it on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Learning to juggle time effectively is crucial to a long-lasting career in teaching according to Mindful Teachers.

Routines of self-care for teachers need to remain realistic and achievable!

You’ll be setting yourself up for failure if you are not realistic with your self-care routine goals. You need to address what your body needs whether it be: socialising, quiet alone time, exercise or a place to be creative. That’s a choice that I cannot make for you; however, I can suggest a number of self-care for teachers activities/routines/habits that I feel work and are achievable.

  1. Set a daily goal or intention. Set yourself up for success!
  2. Eat well, stay hydrated and sleep enough.
  3. Remain active, exercise frequently, mediate and move.
  4. Socialise regularly.
  5. Harness your creativity.
  6. Enjoy the fresh air, go for a walk and embrace nature.
  7. Write things down: thoughts, feelings, concerns or simply things to remember.
  8. Take some time out.
  9. Perform acts of kindness for others.
  10. Start every day prepared and get things done ahead of time.
  11. Dedicate at least 1 day of your weekend to being work free!
  12. Try a new hobby.
  13. Read, paint, colour, draw, garden, design, blog, bake or listen to music.
  14. Express gratitude and reflect daily (use a journal, your phone or a notebook).
  15. Look for the good; focus on the positive and not the negative.
  16. Ask for a hug, reach out to others and take advice.

These are just a few ideas and routines with self-care for teachers in mind. The hardest part is finding time in your busy and hectic filled day, but it is not impossible, trust me. Once you make time for yourself, everything else becomes less stressful and easier to cope with.

43 thoughts on “Why Self-Care Is Important For Teachers”

  1. God bless teachers because you lot have a thankless job! You should definitely practice self-care like everyone else and having sufficient sleep and nutrition is key.

  2. Honestly, I write about success, stress and the like… Your post is SO PERFECT! Yes! I really like the 16 habits you’ve listed, especially the first one about setting goals! I love it 🙂

  3. This is a great post! My mother in law was a teacher, and we were often reminding her that she needed to take care of herself too.

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Being a teacher is a tough job. My grandmother and all her sisters were teachers, and two of them never got married because of their dedication to their work. I have a friend now who is a pre school teacher and although I know she enjoys teaching little kids, the work can be tiring. I will share this post with her.

  5. Another reason self-care is important is to enable you to be an effective teacher. If you are tired, either emotionally or physically, you cannot do your job well. Finally and possibly most important, self-care is important so you can model good balance and healthy boundaries to your students and co-workers.

  6. Love this post! I’m a teaching assistant right now and it can so stressful at times. I love the tip on “dedicate at least 1 day of your weekend to being work free!” because I always end up binging on grading over the weekend.

    1. I stand by that point, make it a habit and part of a routine to have that one day to yourself. Try it 🙂

  7. Self care is really important not only for us mothers but most especially to those teachers who are working in a very stressful field. Giving time time to take care of themselves makes them more productive in teaching our kids in school.

  8. Self care is very important for teachers no matter how busy they are. Teachers must avoid being too stressful to avoid any unwanted incidents in class that might put a childs safety at risk.

  9. That list is perfect for teachers! I wanted to become a teacher before too but yes, I bet their lives will be super hectic so it’s always good to find time for self-care

  10. These are great tips to all teachers. It will lessen the stress if they have time for themselves. Thanks for the great message, I will share it to my teacher friends.

  11. I agree. Being a teacher is hard work. I only have one student and I am already stressed. How much more having several classes of different kinds of students? Teachers really need to take care of their bodies and minds in order to also deliver the best to their students.

  12. Katherine Gamble

    I adored this post so much because it spoke to me. I use to be a teacher assistant and it’s truly not possible to teach the generation without love for yourself – great self-care tips!

    1. I hadn’t thought about this before Katherine. Thank you for the contribution. You are totally right unless you love yourself and what you do, how is it possible to share that same passion and inspiration with others!

  13. Self care is so important for every individual most especially to the teachers who made more responsibility in taking care of our kids in school.

    1. Homeschooling seems so interesting. Would love to learn more about it. It is especially important for homeschooling teachers I think because the home and school run the risk of blending together at times!

  14. I think socializing regularly is so important for teachers. When you are around kids all day, you need the break engaging with adults or you end up getting caught in their way of thinking.

    1. Most definitely. It is easy to forget about the importance of this, children are fab but equally, its crucial to engage with adults just as much.

  15. I say it all the time, teachers are the most under appreciated profession. With that said, self care matters so much for the health of our educators!

  16. Teachers expend a lot of energy taking care of their estudents and they need to replenish themselves a lot. Self-care is imperative for educators.

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